Oranges are known to be high in healing and protective vitamin C , but they also provide an easily digested form of calcium that gives protection to postnatal bones .

Calcium is of optimum importance during this time. Firstly, the stocks that were used during pregnancy for the development of the baby’s skeleton need to be replaced. The chances are that some of that calcium was taken from the bones and teeth and not only from the diet. The needs of breastfeeding mothers must be kept up as they are continuing to provide calcium , vitamin C , vitamin A and folate (folic acid) for the baby’s bone. Oranges contain vitamin C, needed to produce collagen , which is present in all of our body structures. Vitamin C cannot be stored in the body and should be consumed on a daily basis. Post pregnancy, a lack can reveal itself in poor hair, nail and skin quality and bones and teeth suffer. The antioxidants in oranges help to reduce inflammatory symptoms such as mastitis and poor wound healing.

  • Calcium is supplied to the baby in breast milk

Ah, the wonderful sponge. It never fails to mystify with its seemingly limitless ability to absorb water. Even when there is simply too much liquid to be drawn in, the sponge itself does not get damaged! Our skin, however, does not possess the resilience and absorbency of a sponge, which is why too much of anything can tarnish the quality of what is the largest organ in the body. For instance, a certain amount of sunlight can be good for infusing your body with Vitamin D but too much sun can roast your skin, leaving you with sunburn. Read more »

You know the feeling that you have forgotten something? You know it is very important and it gnaws at you all day? Well, vitamin D can be considered a forgotten vitamin that’s extremely important for your body.

We know that vitamin D is important but what does it actually do? Sometimes known as the ‘ sunshine vitamin ‘, vitamin D helps the body (via the intestines) absorb calcium, which is as essential building block of bone and teeth.  Low levels of vitamin D can lead to poor absorption of calcium, resulting in bone disease like osteoporosis Read more »

If there’s something on the menu which you just can’t go wrong with, it’s got to be salad. I mean, that bowl of greens is practically a nutrient power house, loaded with vitamins, fibre and antioxidants. Besides, it can fill you up without piling on the calories. What could be healthier than a fresh salad, right? Wrong!

Although these rich greens can be packed with healthy goodness, they may also be laden with cholesterol, fat and salt. In fact, studies have found that salads served at certain restaurants contain even more calories than a burger.

Asthma is a challenging condition to live with. After all, nobody wants to spend a large part of their lives wheezing, coughing and short of breath. Quality sleep is also elusive for a person whose asthma is out of control.

Fortunately, asthma does not have to be your archenemy. Aside from taking your medication as scheduled, certain lifestyle tips and practices can help you on a daily basis and ensure that you can live each day to the fullest!