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A currency that exists only in digital form, you can use cash to buy Bitcoins or “mine” them using computers to solve a mathematical problem that releases more into circulation. The total number of Bitcoins is finite, the last ones will be mined in about 25 years. Bitcoin payments transfer a “private key” directly between owners’ “digital wallets“. The […]

FIN – Wear The World Ring Shortcut Everything online poll by Opinion Stage

Gesture Control Armband

THE IS COOL! ….. Everyone can be IRONMAN now! Source:


O.M.G … This is so REAL! Hilarious! – LG Ultra HDTV

Lenses that always adjust. Change your prescription just by twirling a couple of knobs on the sides of Adlens variable focus glasses. The lenses are filled with a bit of clear liquid trapped between two flexible membranes, which respond to the knob by changing shape and thus the power of the lens. Switch each eye’s lens between nearsighted […]