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Smart Boy

Right nutrition + right stimulation + right emotional support As a parent, don’t you wish your child was a genius? Although genetics play a part in determining your child’s intelligence, there n are steps you can take to help unease your child’s brain power. The best time to do this is during the first 3 years if […]

Pregnancy Diet

The 5 essential nutrients for pregnant mothers. Once pregnant, women are charged with taking care of the health of their baby and themselves. On top of their personal nutritional needs, women have to consider the needs of the placenta and the foetus. Should the pregnant mother become malnourished, the baby within her will be affected. […]

Warning: beware of kids Children bring out Nury Vittachi’s politically incorrect side A teacher took out a lawsuit complaining that school bosses sacked her because of her disability. How mean! Or at least that’s what I thought until I read her officially disability was “fear of children”. It seems this is an ACTUAL DISEASE now, […]

Teaching Your Kids To Be Honest

I’m sure you want your children to be honest-not to cheat, lie, sneak, cover up or steal. But what’s the best strategy to teach them to be truthful? Some parents might believe it’s in a child’s nature to lie and it’s the parent’s job to punish dishonesty to prevent it from taking over. Actually parents […]

Seven parenting behaviors that can harm your childs future Every parent makes mistakes, even with the best intentions in mind. Some behaviors, however, are more crippling to a kid’s future. If you don’t want to ruin your child for life, take a look at these seven behaviors to avoid. The list, posted on Forbes, comes […]