Food Of The Month – Guava


Goodness Guava Me!

Guava Bored of your daily vitamin C supplement? Tired of having to take those sometimes chewable orange pills? Guavas might be the answer to your woes. One fruit is estimated to contain around 126 mg of vitamin C and also. Lasts a high fibre content of roughly 3 grams! So the next time you feel Ike giving yourself a vitamin C boost, help yourself to a few cubes of guava.


1. Rich in Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Fiber, Vitamin A-B-C and Content Folic and Nicotinic Acid.

2. Prevents Prostate Cancer and High Blood Pressure.

3. Remedy for Prolonged Menstruation, Asthma, Acidosis, Catarrh.

4. Cough and Cold Fighter, acts as a Respiratory track disinfectant.

5. Relief Constipation, improve Digestion system, helps Losing Weight.

6. Battles Diabetes by lowering blood glucose levels and avoid scurvy.

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