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A currency that exists only in digital form, you can use cash to buy Bitcoins or “mine” them using computers to solve a mathematical problem that releases more into circulation. The total number of Bitcoins is finite, the last ones will be mined in about 25 years. Bitcoin payments transfer a “private key” directly between owners’ “digital wallets“. The […]

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Which Is Healthier? One contains more calcium, the other more antioxidants – the choice is a matter of taste. Carob is often sold as a healthy alternative to chocolate. While it’s true that pure carob powder is lower in far and kilojoules than cocoa powder, carob is rarely consumed in this form. Instead it’s made into bars and […]

Gesture Control Armband

THE IS COOL! ….. Everyone can be IRONMAN now! Source:

1. Ice — One of the oldest domestic remedies for migraine headache is an ice set or frozen compress. This can be positioned on the back of your neckline or on your brow, and you might get moment relief. 2. Coffee — For quick migraine headache relief tried drinking twain or three cups of powerful […]