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Today I’m going to share with your some of the top online movie websites. These online movie websites enabling you to enjoy and even download any movies with ease. Watching free movie online may use up some of your bandwidth BUT most importantly it will not cost you a dime even if you repeat watching it for 100 or 1000 times.

youtubeYoutube – is the most popular video streaming website where you can find all sort of movies.  Some FREE some NOT.  Well, I like playing music videos and trailers with youtube. Movies? Not really …imdb

IMDB – has the most complete and comprehensive internet movie database, more exactly, it refers to showtimes and reviews of movies that are currently at cinema line and upcoming movies. You can also learn about TV shows and episodes’ showtimes at your local time zone. Check out the new movies that’s showing in the cinema.

WatchFilmHDWatch Film HD does not have as much movies as the others but it has most of the latest movies in good quality. It has been launched for quite sometimes. They are trying to upload more and more movies but not the 80’s – 90’s movies.

Movie4kMovie4k provides a detail listing of television programs and films. One of my favorite online movie website. They have the smiling face to tell you the quality of the movie is excellent and the frowny face to tell you the quality of the movie is bad. Some of the movies have different version from different country.

Others free online movies websites are:




Watch TV Series
alluc streams movies for viewers by adding links to movies’ accessible resources. Nothing is hosted by itself and even the downloadable links. But this full movie website will definitely save your time and effort to discover free online movies to enjoy. Since new movies resources will be constantly added and updated. Furthermore, latest movies are most likely to be accessed for free at

I’m sure there is a lot more out there but honestly, many of this kind of website can’t last for long.

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