Do You Feel The Heat?

Ah, the wonderful sponge. It never fails to mystify with its seemingly limitless ability to absorb water. Even when there is simply too much liquid to be drawn in, the sponge itself does not get damaged! Our skin, however, does not possess the resilience and absorbency of a sponge, which is why too much of anything can tarnish the quality of what is the largest organ in the body. For instance, a certain amount of sunlight can be good for infusing your body with Vitamin D but too much sun can roast your skin, leaving you with sunburn.

Cool me down!

Fortunately, sunburn is far from being your worst nightmare. With thorough research and an abundance of knowledge on the issue, experts now prefers that the condition is easy to deal with, even in the comfort of your own home!

So the next time you find your skin feeling sore after a day in the sun, here are some tips that may do the trick in soothing your agony:

1. Cold is a friend!

Apply cold compresses like towels or pieces of cloth soaked in cool water to the affected regions of your skin. Alternatively, taking a relaxing bath in cool water can also help substantially.

2. Aloe Vera!

Pampering your skin with aloe vera lotion is a good idea when dealing with sunburned skin. Aloe Vera is renowned for its ability to cool down and heal damaged skin and can easily be found in pharmacies.

3. Be a sponge!

Not literally, of course. But drinking plenty of water does help as sunburned skin usually experiences rapid fluid loss, this requiring the fluids in your body to be continuously replenished.

4. Be gentle!

When your sunburned skin starts to shed (this is your body’s way of removing damaged layers of skin), do not attempt to scratch off areas that have yet to peel. Give your skin the time it needs to recover naturally and help by applying a moisturizing lotion.

And there your have 4 simple ways to gt you through sunburn. Should you need more advice and tips, please do or consult your healthcare provider . He or she will be able to arm you with all the information you need to effectively deal with sunburn. Also, do not forget to consult your doctor if symptoms persist.

So the next time you feel like heating things up with a good tan, do so with a more relaxed mind. Just remember to envelop yourself with sunscreen and not to or heat your body.

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